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Custom map tiles

made simple.

We're excited to offer our first batch of mapping microservices: Customizable Terrain Tiles and USGS Topo Tiles.

Our hillshade, slope and aspect map tiles give your webmap 3D content. The layers may be customized on-the-fly in either grayscale or color to illustrate terrain features. Users may also set parameters that recolor the tiles, or the tile coloring can be adapted based on the area in view. The raw elevation raster tiles can be colored on-the-fly based on user inputs, thus opening up new possibilities for the user experience.

The USGS Topo maps offer fast map tile delivery for all 60,000 USGS Topo maps. Users may zoom and pan across a nationally updated USGS Topo map.

Please have a look at our examples and contact us if you'd like to try an integration into your webmap.

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Clockwork Micro is based in Seattle, WA. If you're interested in what we're working on and would like to discuss a project, please send us an email or give us a call.


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